Chemical Pumps for Industrial Application

Chemical manufacturing is a critical part of many industries, from small-scale production to large refineries. To aid in these processes, chemical pumps are required. They offer abrasion and corrosion resistance to industrial liquids like fuel, paint, bleach, and solvents, among others. There are a number of types of chemical pumps, such as centrifugal pumps and a variety of positive displacement pumps like peristaltic pumps, diaphragm pumps, and sliding vane, application dependent.

The type of fluid being pumped, as well as the process requirements, play a role in selecting the most appropriate pump for your application requirements. There are also application specific pumps like, for example, a caustic pump, acetone pump, sodium hypochlorite pump, ammonia vacuum pump, nitric acid pump, liquid chlorine injection pump, and chemical feed pump, among others.

Chemical pumps can be the traditional pumps as described above, or they can be specialty pumps like acid pumps, chemical injection pumps, bleach pumps, chlorine pumps, ammonia pumps, methanol pumps, sulphuric acid pumps, chemical-resistant pumps, hydrochloric pumps and more. A large portion of Liquid Movers pumps are tailored to handle even the toughest chemical applications, be they corrosive liquid transfer, speciality chemical transfer, or petrochemical transfer.

Corrosive Liquid Transfer

Ideal for transferring corrosive and aggressive organic and inorganic compounds, Blackmer and Flowserve centrifugal pumps are ideal, especially for heated applications. The Flowserve Durco Mark 3 and Flowserve Innomag, consisting of the TB Mag and U-Mag, pumps are ideal for meeting these application requirements. These magnetic drive pumps ensure a leak-free design due to the seal-less magnetic connection.

chem pumps, chem feed pumps and chemical injection pump from Liquid Movers provide corrosion- and abrasion-resistance

Speciality chemical transfer

Ideal for speciality chemicals like those used for dosing or mixing chemical products such as paints, detergents, and other household chemical cleaning agents. The ARO Non-Metallic EXP pump, also known as a double air operated diaphragm pump, is ideal for this type of chemical transfer.

Petrochemical Transfer

Used for raw material refining processes and gas processing in the petrochemical industry, the Blackmer TXD2.5A is the ideal pump for pumping petrochemical compounds while being converted into valuable products.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three main types of chemical pumps: centrifugal pumps, metering pumps, and positive displacement pumps.

A chemical feed pump is a positive displacement pump and is usually part of a chemical feed system that comprises a pump or multiple pumps, storage tank, pipes, and control panel. It injects a precise amount of chemicals or other substances into water, gas, or steam. A chemical feed pump is also called a chemical dosing pump.

The most common types of pumps used in the chemical industry are centrifugal pumps, and metallic diaphragm pumps. Simple in design and operation, they are highly efficient for the transfer of chemicals and abrasive liquids.

Chemical pumps pump a variety of liquids, including hot, cold, aggressive, volatile, explosive, contaminated, and toxic liquids. They are also used for pumping valuable liquids, for numerous applications in the petrochemical, food processing, and chemical industries as well as in off-site applications in refineries and in high-temperature heating systems.

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