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Flowserve Innomag U Mag

Chemical & Contaminant Protection

Engineered for smaller volume applications.

Tailored for smaller applications where exceptional safety, highest purity standards and enhanced performance are required. Numerous mounting drive options accommodate site-specific requirements, including petrol engines for portable and remote chemical transfer, trunk unloading, and skid or cart operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Numerous mounting drives increase versatility
  • Construction offers chemical resistance & longer service life
  • Outstanding leak protection
  • ATEX directive-compliant
  • Versatile fluoropolymer-lined magnetic drive pump ensures safety, performance & high purity standards
  • Offers exceptional safety & enhanced performance


  • Flows: to 102 m3/h
  • Heads: to 50 m
  • Pressure: to 20 bar
  • Temperature: -29 to 121°C


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