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Flowserve SIHI Side-Channel Pumps


Easily pump liquids under vapour pressure as well as pure, turbid or aggressive media, and gas-entrained fluids.

Generating sufficient pressure for long-distance and small pipe pumping, SIHI side-channel pumps provide reliable operation in unfavourable suction conditions. Suited to a wide range of applications, from liquids under vapour pressure to pure, turbid or aggressive media; gas entrained fluids; and numerous applications in the gas & oil sector, they are also used in pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical & petrochemical applications; as well as in agricultural, and naval applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-priming & non-self-priming
  • Excellent gas-handling capability
  • Application versatility
  • Modular side-channel system ensures high efficiency
  • Low cost of installation
  • Outstanding leak protection
  • Available as a seal-less magnetic drive


  • Flows: from 7.5 to 35m3/h
  • Heads: from 70 to 354 m
  • Pressure: from to 40 bar
  • Temperature: to 180° C


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