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Blackmer Iron Line

TX | X | GNX | XL | NP

Ideal for a range of fluids from petrochemicals, petrol, biofuels & solvents to oils & thinners, and a wide range of viscous fluids.

Durable for fast and quiet tanker unloading the TX range offers sustained performance and trouble-free operation. For general transfer duty, the X series is available in a variety of sizes and flows. It is a self-priming pump and accommodates temperatures up to 149° C.
The alignment-free, reduced speed positive displacement range (GNX) is suitable for stationary and portable applications, and incorporates a single-stage gearbox.
Designed for use in refineries, lube oil plants, and general industry, the XL range has replaceable casing liners and end discs, making it easy to rebuild the pump chamber.
Designed for maximum versatility, the NP series is ideal for a variety of clean, non-corrosive liquids and applications where high pressure and high viscosity dictate that a sleeve-bearing pump be used.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast, quiet operation
  • Self-priming & self-adjusting
  • Sustained performance
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Alignment-free & reduced speed
  • T-type strainers protect piping & tanks from foreign matter


  • Flow rates: 0.68 to 113 m3/h
  • Grade: Commercial, single-stage
  • Self-adjusting vanes
  • Size: 21 to 102 mm
  • Porting orientation: 90 to 180°


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