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Flowserve SIHI Liquid Ring


Single- & double-stage, each tailored for specific applications.

The SIHI liquid ring vacuum pumps from Flowserve are available as a single-stage liquid ring with bare shaft design (LEH); one- or two-stage for handling & exhausting dry and humid gases (LPH); compact, single-stage with simple & robust construction for handling and exhausting dry & humid gases, vapours & quantities of water carryover (LEM & LEL); and the efficient compression of condensable vapours & gases using the liquid ring principle (KPH).

Specifically designed for quality IQF products, the range offers low maintenance and reliable operation, as well as longer service life and minimised wear due to non-contacting parts. This is enhanced by the dirt & central drains incorporated into some of the models. Some in the range assist with environmental regulatory compliance, due to their non-polluting design with near isothermal compression.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimised moving parts (ease of maintenance)
  • Internal lubrication not required & long service life
  • Broad application versatility
  • Increased personnel safety
  • Low noise levels


  • Suction head capacity: 470 to 12 000 m3/h
  • Suction pressure: 33 to 1 013 mbar
  • Compensation pressure: atmospheric to 12 bar


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