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Flowserve SIHI Booster System


Deep vacuum with less power requirements.

Designed for chemical and pharmaceutical sectors where explosion-proof design is required (PB); and for a broad range of industrial applications (GB). A dry screw vacuum booster ensures deep vacuum levels with less power and a smaller footprint in the PB series, while the GB series offers modular optimised solutions that match the actual process requirements. It also provides dramatically quicker evacuation at deep vacuum levels with less power and smaller footprint, while the PB series has mechatronically synchronised contact-free moving parts that reduce the need for oil-centric lubrication. It is also designed for high-discharge pressure and is a robust pump, designed for harsh process conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Trouble-free pumping of sensitive media
  • High capacity for hydrogen
  • Lower total power consumption
  • Lower cost of maintenance & services
  • Small footprint


  • Ultimate pressure: less than 0.001 millibar
  • Max pressure: 10 to 100 millibar
  • ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU Zone 1-certified & NEC & CEC Class1 Div 2-certified
  • Suction Capacity 3 500 to 8 000 m3/h


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