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Blackmer Series Gear Pumps

E-Series | G-Series | V-Series

For the safe and efficient transfer of high-value and hard-to-seal fluids.

This range of Blackmer internal gear pumps comprises durable, flexible and efficient positive displacement pumps that excel in challenging fluid-handling applications.

With an innovative design including a patented between-the-bearing support system, these are durable and environmentally friendly. All models are competitively priced and the E Series is completely interchangeable with competitor internal gear pumps.

Features & Benefits

  • Seal-less and leak-free design
  • Ideal for challenging fluid-handling applications
  • Durable & environmentally friendly
  • Eliminate leaks
  • Reduced mechanical wear
  • Increases personnel safety


  • Pumping temp: to 343 ºC
  • Nominal pump rating: to 113.6 m³/h
  • Max discharge pressure: to 13.8 bar


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Why use Blackmer Gear Pumps from Liquid Movers

In addition to being cost-competitive and backed by a 5-year warranty, each gear pump in our range offers unique benefits.

  • V-Series Blackmer Gear Pump: This range of specialty pumps is designed for the rigours of pumping asphalt all along the asphalt’s production and supply chains. They are typically used in refineries where raw asphaltic products are produced, at terminals where various asphaltic products are stored, at hot mix plants where paving products are produced, and at roofing material manufacturing plants where shingles and other roofing materials are manufactured.
  • G-Series Blackmer Gear Pumps: Durable and flexible, the G-Series Blackmer Gear Pumps are efficient positive displacement pumps well suited to challenging fluid-handling applications. They are a high-quality, reliable alternative to competitor models, and are backed by a 5-year warranty. Responsive and experienced factory support forms part of this offering.
  • E-Series Blackmer Gear Pumps: This series of Blackmer gear pumps is magnetically coupled seal-less internal gear pumps that feature a revolutionary design with a patented between-the-bearing support system. Pumps in this range effectively eliminate leaks and reduce mechanical wear, helping increase the safety of site personnel and the environment. They are also completely interchangeable with competitor pumps and offer a lower upfront cost and lower total cost of ownership.

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Our Services

We offer a range of services that ensure your pumps and pump equipment provides high performance with low running costs and experience less downtime. These services include consultation & assessment, parts & services, repairs & upgrades.

Industries We Serve

Some of the industries that benefit from our range of Blackmer Series Pumps include:

  • Food & beverage: the gear pumps ability to handle viscous liquids, provide precise metering, and ensure consistent product quality throughout various production processes makes them ideal for the food & beverage sector. They are commonly used for transferring viscous liquids, metering and dosing, chocolate and confectionery manufacturing, beverage processing, filling and packaging, and food and ingredient handling.
  • Gas: design and materials of gear pumps used in the gas industry could differ based on the type of gas handled, the pressure requirements, and other factors specific to the application. In the gas industry, gear pumps are specifically used for gas circulation and recirculation, gas boosting and compression, gas transfer and filling, gas sampling and analysis, gas filtration and purification and vacuum systems.
  • Agriculture: used in agricultural equipment for applications such as spraying, fertilising and irrigation. They are used in, for example, crop sprayers,  irrigation systems, fuel transfer,  liquid fertiliser injection, seed coating, bulk material handling, and manure and slurry handling.
  • Mining: due to their ability to handle abrasive and viscous fluids in challenging environments, gear pumps are used in several applications within the mining industry. These include slurry transfer, lubrication and hydraulic systems, fuel transfer, water management, chemical dosing, and sludge and waste handling.
  • Chemical processing: due to their ability to handle a wide range of chemical substances, including corrosive and viscous fluids, gear pumps are widely used in chemical processing. Some of the chemical processing applications include chemical transfer, metering and dosing, reactor feed and circulation, filtration and recirculation, vacuum systems, chemical blending and mixing and hazardous chemical handling.
  • Paint: As the precise and controlled flow of paint and coatings is essential, gear pumps play a crucial role in the paint industry. Some common applications include paint circulation and supply, pigment and additive dosing, paint mixing and blending, filling and packaging, high-pressure applications, and recirculation and colour change systems.
  • Petrochemical:  Due to their ability to handle high-pressure and high-viscosity fluids, gear pumps are widely used in the petrochemical industry for various critical applications. Some of these are oil and fuel transfer, chemical processing, lubrication and hydraulic systems, high-pressure applications, loading and unloading operations, and catalyst and additive dosing.
  • Pharmaceutical: Known for their accuracy, reliability, and versatility in handling various liquids and processes, gear pumps are a valuable asset in the pharmaceutical industry.  Some common gear pump applications in this sector include liquid transfer, filtration and purification, metering and dispensing, continuous manufacturing, coating and spraying, and high-pressure applications.
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